ENERGIA Building Services Engineering

ENERGIA Building Services Engineering was founded in 2011, in order to provide specialized services in the field of building services.

We believe that buildings are important assets and must have the greatest value without compromise. This can be achieved by reducing the cost of operation and maintenance of facilities. Whether new or existing building, large or small project, for the commercial or residential sector, our approach remains the same, with seriousness and professionalism to ensure that, in each case, the best possible quality of service will be delivered.

Thanks to our specialized educated personnel, our highly trained service teams and with our collaboration with consultants engineers and other field experts, we are able to understand our clients requirements and confident that we can fulfill their needs throughout each stage of the project, from planning to construction, to commissioning and final handover.

We offer the following services for individuals and companies:

  • Mechanical and Electrical building services engineering & design
  • Mechanical and Electrical building services contracting
  • Repair, replacement and maintenance of mechanical and electrical equipment and systems


After a site visit, we undertake the record of mechanical & electrical installations of your premises. We then prepare a report in order to evaluate the condition of the systems and to provide consulting services for replacement or repair of existing systems and equipment or the design of new facilities and services in order to achieve energy savings and upgrade the systems performance. More specific we provide the following services:

  • Report preparation for the assessment of existing facilities and their condition
  • Preparation of energy - techno-economic study for system upgrades and to examine alternative investments
  • Preparation of a detailed preliminary costing of the proposed systems


Our approach in designing building services takes into consideration the tenant's comfort while minimizing the system operating costs. Our team of civil, mechanical, electrical engineers and interior designers can provide optimal design for the following systems according to your own needs.

  • Air conditioning systems
  • Ventilation systems
  • Central heating systems (Gas & Oil fired Boilers, Under floor systems, Solar heating, Combination of boiler & fire place systems)
  • Sewerage and Rain water
  • Plumbing and Domestic hot water production systems
  • Fire fighting systems
  • Building automations, Building Management Systems (BMS)
  • Electrical installations
  • Lifts
  • Swimming pools
  • Thermal insulation of building envelope


After the technical design stage, our company undertakes the supply and installation of electromechanical equipment, supervision and coordination of the works in collaboration with the rest of the project team.

The range of our activities includes:

  • Mechanical works contracting
  • Electrical works contracting
  • Supervision and coordination of M&E works
  • Preparation of documents for applications to local authorities (EAC, Water Boards, Sewerage Boards etc)


We undertake the maintenance, repair and replacement of electrical and mechanical equipment
and systems for building services.
The range of our activities includes:

  • Air conditioning systems (Inspection, testing and refrigerant gas addition where needed, filters cleaning)
  • Central Heating (Inspection of plant room, boiler and circulators operation, regulations and adjustments)
  • Solar systems replacement
  • Inspection of plumbing systems
  • Inspection of electrical installations


We are able to inform and support our clients, (individuals, businesses and other organized bodies) regarding Schemes and Opportunities for the absorption of funds from the European Union and the Republic of Cyprus through the Energy Department of Ministry of commerce, industry and tourism. These plans provide sponsorship for both individuals and legal entities as shown below and their availability depends on the regulations of the relevant authorities.


  • ΦΑ2 Saving energy with new investments in thermal insulation materials in private dwellings in lowland areas (areas with elevation below 600 meters).
  • ΦΑ3 Saving energy with thermal insulating materials in mountainous areas with an altitude of over 600 meters.
  • ΦΒ2.1 Domestic Hot Water production from centrally active solar systems with a minimum installed capacity of 2560 W
  • ΦΒ2.2 Domestic Hot Water production or air heating by solar panels (various types) for heating or cooling
  • ΦΒ2.3 Replacement of Residential Solar hot water systems used on existing private housing units
  • ΦΒ4.1 Small photovoltaic systems. Capacity up to 7 kW, connected to the network
  • ΦΒ5.1 Heat pump with geothermal heat exchanger for heating and cooling in private dwellings
  • ΦΒ5.2 Heat pump with geothermal heat exchanger for heating and cooling in non-profit organizations, municipalities, communities, churches, monasteries, corporations and government agencies.


  • ΝΑ1 Energy Conservation in Existing Businesses
  • ΝΒ2.1 Domestic Hot Water production from centrally active solar systems with a minimum installed capacity of 2560 W
  • ΝΒ2.2 Installation and / or replacement of heating and cooling systems
  • ΝΒ3.2 Stand-alone (not connected to the grid) PV systems with a capacity up to 20kW, combined or not with other systems
  • ΝΒ7Heat pump with geothermal heat exchanger for heating and cooling

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  • 13 Piliou Str, 6037, Larnaca, Cyprus
  • Free Phone: 8000 82 83
  • Telephone: (+357) 24 428 170
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  • E-mail:info@kpchristou.com