Some advice before you buy a wood stove

We give you some advice before you buy a wood stove

Buying a wood stove make an investment in a product that will look inside your home for years to come, like a piece of furniture. So, the stove should cover your requirements. The space that your stove will be placed, the area will warm and kind of the building are very important factors.

Direct or long-term heating
Energy stoves differ not only in appearance, but in the way combustion quality, performance and specification of materials used to create them. These criteria play an important role in the selection of your stove. Furthermore be aware that important role has the tightness of the door of the stove as well as the view of the flame from the glass.

Take the time to heat your home, instead of thinking of cleanliness
In General, wood stoves will not need much cleaning. But you should check and be cleaned prior to the start of each winter season. Also clean your stove from inside when the season is over. It is a good idea to remove the blades, to check if there is free passage (from the smoke) in the chimney.
Furthermore please be aware that wood stoves are not persistent in water.
Consequently, all maintenance, inside and out, must be carried out without the use of water.
Also, always follow the manufacturer's specifications and learn properly from your vendor.

Heating for a few or many square meters
The big stove isn't necessary that is best for your home. So make sure you buy the proper energy stove in relation to the area that you intend to heat. Always inspect the heating capacity and the manufacturer's specifications. Keep in mind that a small stove with a small firebox will burn clean and better with less wood than a big stove with the same amount of wood. So select your stove in consultation with your vendor, for the specific size, to suit your needs and requirements.
Feel comfortable with your conscience clean

When choosing your wood stove energy, remember to check if the stove has been approved and certified by the standards of environmental protection. As a rule, the more a lot of templates has a stove, the better it will be for the environment.

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