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KP 76 Residence

Omonoias, Aglantzia, Cyprus

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A Masterpiece of Modern Living: Elite 1-Bedroom Apartments in Aglantzia

Discover the epitome of urban sophistication in our exclusive 1-bedroom apartments, a beacon of modern architecture and smart investment, located in the vibrant heart of Aglantzia, just steps from the University of Cyprus. This limited collection of 10 apartments is a testament to visionary design and strategic foresight, offering a unique opportunity for savvy investors, university parents, and discerning individuals.

Exceptional Features:

  • Architectural Brilliance: Each 52 m² apartment in our two-floor marvel is a symphony of space and style. Expansive verandas and meticulously planned interiors ensure that every inch is a testament to modern efficiency and elegance.

  • Prime Investment Location: With the University of Cyprus' expansion plans and the area's limited availability, these apartments are not just homes but a lucrative investment, promising substantial growth and consistent rental demand.

  • Sustainable Living Redefined: Our commitment to sustainability is evident in every aspect, from energy class A standards to a communal photovoltaic system, marrying environmental responsibility with economic sensibility.

  • Personalized Luxury: Tailor your space to your unique taste with a selection of premium granite kitchen worktops, tiles, sanitary ware, and woodwork, transforming your apartment into a personal sanctuary.

  • Unparalleled After-Sale Commitment: Our dedication to your satisfaction extends well beyond the sale, with a comprehensive 1-year warranty and a promise of prompt and efficient service for any concerns.

Seize Your Future Today "Invest in Quality" encapsulates our ethos of offering not just a residence but a future-proof investment. With their high demand and exclusive nature, these apartments are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Embrace the chance to be part of Aglantzia's bright future, where luxury, location, and lifestyle converge.

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Omonoias, Aglantzia, Cyprus

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