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KP75 Block A

Miki Fyrilla, Aglantzia, Cyprus

Property Description

Introducing Kp75 Block A - A Modern Residential Gem in Nicosia, Aglantzia

Welcome to Kp75 Block A, an exquisite residential building project brought to you by the esteemed K&P Christou Group. Situated in the vibrant city of Nicosia, specifically in the desirable neighborhood of Aglantzia, this small modern building promises a harmonious blend of comfort, style, and convenience


Strategically located a mere 800 meters away from the prestigious University of Cyprus, Kp75 Block A offers an enviable address for students, academics, and professionals seeking proximity to the campus. With the city center just a stone's throw away, residents enjoy effortless access to a host of amenities, including supermarkets, vibrant shops, cozy cafes, and delectable restaurants, all within pleasant walking distance.

Kp75 Block A boasts a sleek and modern architectural design, meticulously crafted with thermal insulation to enhance energy efficiency and promote a sustainable lifestyle. Embracing the surrounding natural beauty, the building features expansive verandas, providing residents with ample space to unwind, entertain, and relish in the gentle breeze.

Comprising three floors, Kp75 Block A accommodates a total of 10 thoughtfully designed apartments. The selection includes eight comfortable one-bedroom apartments, measuring 55.3 square meters, accompanied by covered verandas measuring 15.4 square meters on the first and second floors. Additionally, the third floor houses two spacious one-bedroom apartments, spanning 56.5 square meters, complemented by generous verandas measuring an impressive 64 square meters. These well-designed living spaces prioritize functionality and offer an ideal setting for relaxation and personalization.

Incorporating sustainable practices, Kp75 Block A adheres to Class A energy standards. The building proudly integrates photovoltaic panels for communal areas, harnessing renewable energy sources to minimize environmental impact and reduce energy consumption. This commitment to sustainability ensures a greener future for both residents and the community.

Kp75 Block A's manageable size contributes to its appeal, making it easier to maintain and manage efficiently. Moreover, its proximity to the University of Cyprus offers a compelling investment opportunity. Given the high demand for rental properties in the area, Kp75 Block A presents the potential for a substantial return on investment.

As a project developed by K&P Christou Group, Kp75 Block A exemplifies their commitment to excellence in construction and customer satisfaction. With a reputation for meticulous attention to detail and a successful track record, the company has become a trusted name in the industry.

Discover the allure of Kp75 Block A - a haven of modern living, convenience, and sustainability. Whether you seek a contemporary home near the university or wish to explore the investment potential, this residential gem invites you to experience a lifestyle that seamlessly combines comfort, style, and a vibrant location.

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Miki Fyrilla, Aglantzia, Cyprus

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