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Introducing Kp72 - A Modern Residential Building in Nicosia, Aglantzia

Kp72 is an exciting residential building project by K&P Christou Group, situated in the vibrant city of Nicosia, specifically in the charming neighborhood of Aglantzia. This modern building is thoughtfully designed to offer comfortable and contemporary living spaces for its residents.

Strategically located just 600 meters away from the prestigious University of Cyprus, Kp72 provides an excellent opportunity for students, young professionals, and individuals seeking proximity to the university. Additionally, its convenient location near the city center ensures easy access to a range of amenities, including supermarkets, shops, cafes, and restaurants, all within walking distance.

The architectural style of Kp72 is characterized by its sleek and modern design. The building features a thermal insulated structure, ensuring energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact. Each apartment boasts spacious verandas, allowing residents to enjoy the surrounding views and create an inviting outdoor living space.

The building comprises two floors, hosting a total of 10 thoughtfully designed apartments. Among them are two studios and eight one-bedroom apartments, ranging in size from 35 to 50 square meters. The interior layouts are optimized to maximize space utilization and provide a comfortable living environment.

Kp72 places a strong emphasis on sustainability, with Class A energy efficiency being a key focus. The building incorporates photovoltaic panels for communal areas, harnessing solar energy to minimize environmental impact and reduce energy consumption. This commitment to eco-friendliness contributes to a greener future and lowers utility costs for residents.

One of the standout features of Kp72 is its manageable size, which offers several advantages. The small building facilitates easy maintenance and efficient management, ensuring a high standard of living for all residents. Moreover, its proximity to the University of Cyprus presents a lucrative opportunity for investors, as the demand for rental properties in the area remains consistently high.

Kp72 stands as a testament to K&P Christou Group's commitment to delivering quality construction projects. With a track record of successful ventures, the company has established itself as a reputable developer known for its attention to detail and customer satisfaction.

Whether you are a student seeking a convenient and modern living space near the university or an investor looking for a promising opportunity, Kp72 offers an attractive package. Explore the benefits of residing in this modern residential building that combines comfort, style, and a prime location.

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